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History & Origin

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) was founded by enlightened master “Brahmarshi Patriji” in the year 1990 with the objective, spiritual and harmonious living and bringing its benefits within the easy reach of all humanity, without any barriers of class, religion or region. Starting from its humble beginning with “The Kurnool Spiritual Society” in 1990, the Pyramid Meditation Movement is now spread by 2,000 independent and autonomous Pyramid Spiritual Societies involving millions of active members and volunteers across India, New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Vietnam, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement is non-religious, non-cult, non-profit voluntary organization with the mission to spread “Anapanasati Meditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid Power” to everyone.

Dr. Gopala Krishna” is a medical doctor who started his journey of spiritual science in search of happiness and the truth, under the guidance of “Brahmarshi Patriji” and specially trained by grand master “Paul Vijay Kumar”. In this journey he got enlightened and realized that “Spiritual intellect is the root – physical health is the fruit”. He started sharing the same with his patients who approached him for medical treatment. As a part of this, he established spiritual health care centers and maintained them for ten years in different parts of India, also offered esteemed spiritual services as an ancillary to qualified treatment with the help of senior masters who are trained by him.

Now we want to expand our services all over the world through offering franchise for establishing such centers. For this we established and registered a Non-Profit organization which is structured from centre in charge to the CEO.


As per the World Health Organisation definition, the main aim of these spiritual health care centres is to give good health by providing basic solution with self-energy for physical, mental, social and spiritual disparities. The main objective is to give extensive training in meditation & spiritual science apart from traditional medical system.

Key Quotes:

  1. 1.   Lord Sri Krishna in Bhagavadgita – “Gnaanagni Dagdha Karmaanam !”

  2. 2.   Jesus Christ in Holy Bible – “A good word brings relief”.

  3. 3.   Brahmarshi Patriji – “Knowledge due to Meditation – freedom due to knowledge”.

  4. 4.   Patriji – “Our sins are our weaknesses” – “Non-vegetarian is sinful food”

  5. 5.   Patriji – “Leave Violence – Follow non-violence”.

  6. 6.   Patriji – Spiritual intellect is the root – physical health is the fruit.

  7. 7.   Lack of Spiritual Knowledge is the root cause for all sufferings – By Dr Gk.

Reason for Illness:

Due to irregular, unwanted and un-scientific food habits, thinking methods and mutual relationships.

Flow Chart:

4 Levels     Energy Knowledge Part of the Game No Mind
Chakras     Body Parts Gland Chakra Affirmation
Body Parts    Intellect Mind Energy Blocks Body Part
Household     Lack of clarity on purpose of life Unwanted and irregular thoughts Failure of the Household Objects Co-relates to the illness


In this method, the persons with an ill-health are all considered as ECW (Energy-Consciousness-Wisdom) units, who are momentarily stagnated in unscientific belief systems. After an initial audio visual demo, they will be trained to meditate on ‘Natural breath observation’. There after importance of vegetarian food, significance of pyramid power and spiritual science will be explained. They are allowed to practice it for a minimum of 40 days at their home or centre and during which there will be a follow-up.Periodically, they can avail the opportunity to participate in group meditation and spiritual sharing with masters. They have to follow the spiritual advice given in the form of spiritual tablets during counseling which are available at libraries and spiritual health care centers.

After getting symptomatic relief by basic training, they are allowed to participate in meditation classes to share their experiences. In due course of time, the patient should be examined by certified doctors (patient’s family doctors or by the organization) and the medication will be regularized accordingly. In some cases, as part of training they need to learn fine arts like dance and music.

Similar to other medical practices of prescribing tablets, 350 SPIRITUAL TABLETS are prepared in Spiritual health system. They are the heart of Spiritual Health Care Centers. These tablets (concepts) are easily understood and can be remembered by the patients for implementing in their daily life. They are available in the form of pamphlets, pocket books and audio/visuals. Prescribing these tablets as per the experience and requirement of patient is the main practice in Life health counseling.

In many cases, it has been proved that any kind of health problem is due to ignorance and lack of spiritual knowledge. Through health counseling, it will be cured at the root-level and the patient will be made self-sufficient to attain complete health.


  1. a)   Basics of Meditation and 12 tablets (for 40 days)

  2. b)   Spiritual health counselling: After Symptomatic Relief with Basic Meditation for 40 Days,efficient analytical Spiritual health Counselling based on their Meditational experiences, dreams and coincidences is given.

  3. c)   Home Visit: Home visit facility is available for elderly and bed ridden patients.

  4. d)   Childhood problems: For all kinds of childhood problems (MR. Autism, Behavioural problems and mental illness), spiritual training will be initially given to the parents. After getting some relief, training will be imparted to the diseased.

  5. e)   For Serious cases (Terminal illness): 5 fold approach (Regular Meditation, In-charge of the material, GPM, Diet Energetic Environment and Relationship care taker(DEER), and a qualified DOCTOR.

Follow Up:

Spiritual Doctor:

12 Tablets for Complete Health:

Centre facilities:

Pyramid Doctors

Dr. Gopala Krishna(GK)

Dr. T.V Rao

Dr. Vasantha

Dr. Sadhashivudu

Dr. Padmaja

Dr. Gopi Krishna

Dr. Mahesh Ashlkar

Dr. Devi

Dr. Sudha Madhavi

Dr. Bal Ram Pratap kumar

Dr. Satya Narayana

Dr. Hema Nalini


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Pyramid Real Relief Centres (Urban)

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Sri Nityananda Pyramid Sahaja Dhyana Arogya Seva Trust- REGD NO: 10/2012

Sl. No Name of the Trust Board Member Designation
1. Dr. P.S Gopala Krishna Managing Trustee & Chairman
2. Sri Bomminayani Trinadha Vice Chairman
3. Sri Konari Tarakeswara Rao Trustee
4. Sri Pulamarasetty Venkata Kameswara Rao Trustee
5. Smt. Kasireddy Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Trustee
6. Smt. Bodeti Satyavathi Trustee
7. Sri. Bodeti Appa Rao Trustee
8. Smt. Seragaddam Tulasi Trustee
9. Sri. Gedala Sanni Babu Trustee
10. Sri.Yella Tata Babu Trustee
11. Sri. Gedala Appala Ramu Trustee
12. Sri. Chitikireddy Appa Rao Trustee


Sl. No Name of the Trust Board Member Designation
1. Dr. P.S Gopala Krishna Managing Director


Sl. No Name of the Trust Board Member Designation
1. Dr. P S GOPALA KRISHNA President
3. K.SRIDEVI Trustee
6. Dr P J SRINIVAS Trustee


Dr. Gopala Krishna is a Medical Doctor from India who has 10 years of clinical experience and worked as DMO in Neuro Surgery, Pediatric and General Medicine department. He also has private practice in rural areas and worked as Medical Officer for Jarawa tribes in Andaman Islands.

“Dr.Gopala Krishna” is also a spiritual scientist. He is an enlightened yogi, mystic and visionary who have dedicated himself to the elevation of the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of people. He has shown a path for the people to attain natural joy and to live life with experience from their own inner nature through Pyramid power and Spiritual Tablets. His scientific approach towards spirituality and work towards the uplift of the humanity have received accolades in southern India, Malaysia, Singapore, Andaman, US & UK. Spiritual Tablets are the most profound, with greater intensity from his deep understanding and wisdom which can change the very core of the being.

Belonging to no particular religion or tradition, “Spiritual Tablets” incorporates the modern person to the spiritual sciences. Spiritual Tablets, are the out pouring of his blissfulness, finds expression in the form of ceaseless offering to all beings. His life and Spiritual Tablets are invitation to connect with the divinity within us through individual transformation and welcomes the silent revolution of self realization.

Association with Pyramids

Spiritual Tablets Research Foundation is part of “Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement” which is a collection of non-religious, non-cult, non-profit ventures and voluntary organizations with a common mission to spread “Anapanasati” Meditation, Vegetarianism and Pyramid power as their key role in providing physical, mental, intellectual health & well-being to one and all. Founded in 1990, by “Brahmarshi Subash Patriji”, the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement has touched and enlightened the lives of millions of people across the world. More information is available at http://www.pssmovement.org.

Dr.Gopala Krishna got introduced to Pyramid energy in 1994 and had a strong association with Pyramids since 2003. This lead him in intense use of Pyramids in his clinical practice from 2008 to till date and also established many Pyramid Health Centers across India.

First Clinical Trial (OP centers)

The first clinical trial which was for 18 months conducted in Rural & Urban areas was very successful and cured 746 cases out of 1200 registered cases. Various types of pyramids, spiritual prescriptions and case sheets are the materials & methods used.

Second Clinical Trial (Admission center)

He successfully cured 90 cases out of 270 admitted in his second clinical trial which lasted two and half years with various types of pyramids, case sheets and spiritual prescription in Rural Admission hospital with 25 beds. During this time period 2000 cases were registered across 25 Pyramid Health Centers.
The following cases are treated: Cervical Spondylosis, Disc Prolepses (LBA), Migraine Headache, Insomnia (Sleep Disorders),Psychiatric illness,Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding,Osteoarthritis,Frozen Shoulder, Ankylosing Spondylitis, S. L. E, Kyphoscoliosis, Ulcerative Colitis.

Large Scale Pyramid Services

For the duration of 10 years, from August 2008 to August 2018, in about 110 centers across India and South East Asian countries 8000 cases have been handled successfully through Counseling points, OP centers, Admission centers, Holistic centers etc.. Various types of Pyramids, spiritual prescription and spiritual tablets are used as materials and methods. This organization has conducted various training workshops which lead to the establishment of spiritual health care centers throughout India and also in abroad which helped in curing 10,000 cases by teaching meditation, spiritual counseling, Pyramid power, spiritual guidance and spiritual tablets. Pyramid health care centers facilitates teaching the righteous practice of meditation, Spiritual discourse on health science, promotes Pyramid energy, creates awareness about vegetarianism, encourages individuals to do spiritual science service, promotes and teaches different art forms like music, dance, yoga etc., as part of offering happy and healthy life for the well being of individuals which in-turns creates the social transformation.

All services of Pyramid Health care centers are offered on voluntary donation to the foundation. These centers run on the donations offered by the individuals who are benefitted by the services of the foundation. Now we want to expand our services all over the world through offering franchise for establishing such centers. For this we established and registered a Non-Profit organization which is structured from center in-charge to the CEO.

What are Spiritual Tablets?

Spiritual concepts designed in various sets under one common name. These Spiritual Concepts will change our internal belief system and help us to transform in order to open to the Universe for its guidance in all circumstances. These Spiritual Concepts devised as a total of 350 Spiritual Tablets. Spiritual concepts designed in various sets under one common name. These Spiritual Concepts will change our internal belief system and help us to transform in order to open to the Universe for its guidance in all circumstances. These Spiritual Concepts devised as a total of 350 Spiritual Tablets. Spiritual Tablets helps in gaining complete health through holistic understanding of spiritual science and applying these principles in daily life. Dr.Goplala Krishna devised 350 Spiritual Tablets covering various ailments and chronicle diseases. Through Dr.GK, thousands of patients have cured their long term ailments permanently with either no or very minimal medication. His approach has been very scientific and systematic. Spiritual Tablets changes the belief system of people and shows the way to attain natural joy and to live life from one’s own inner nature. On the basis of the phrase, "Spiritual Intellect is the Root and Physical Health is the fruit", Pyramid Spiritual Health care centers offer a Holistic health science practice which utilities the 350 Spiritual Tablets depending on the requirement of the individual. These Spiritual Concepts will change our internal belief system and help us to transform ourselves in order to open to the Universe for its guidance in all circumstances.