The main motto of Spiritual Tablets Research Foundation & AnandhoBrahma is to make every person lead a happy & healthy life for free of cost *   "Gyanagni Dhagdha Karmanam" - We create our own reality *   Energy through regular pyramid meditation helps to control high BP, Diabetes, head ache , back pain, gynic problems and many chronic diseases *  Blissful life is nothing but combination of three joys - VISHAYANANDHAM , BHAJANANDHANAM, BRAHMANANDHAM *  Irrespective of age, each and every individual should bring out the hidden art that lies within self and also learn arts like dance, music ,painting and many more as per the interest *  If anyone wants to learn meditation for free of cost or conduct meditation class at your house , please contact Anandho Brahma Stall. Ph No:9246648401 *  Meditation help students by improving memory power, concentration, IQ level ,overcoming stress etc. Please contact PYMA stall for DHYANA VIDYARDHI *  Wonderful chance for Spiritual service !! Please be a part of 'ANANDHO BRAHMA' to reach its goal of spreading meditation to all and donate voluntarily to make the program a GRAND success * 


The world has become too materialistic and sadly we live in it, forgetting about nature. Society we live in got familiarize to mechanical life resultantly, lameness has spread in varied forms affecting a person's body, mind, spirit and social well-being that is leading to inadequacy of peace, pleasure and happiness. In order to decimate this 'Brahmastra', a holistic health approach, was incorporated by name “SPIRITUAL TABLETS”. During the past 12 years a lot of research has been done and now, foundation which was started with an aim to “serve all” is a pride for the world.

In the last 6 years, a group of spiritual counselors and volunteers, under the guidance of “Dr. Gopala Krishna” has developed 350 spiritual tablets in the form of text, audio and audio visuals. These Spiritual Concepts will change our internal belief system, that help us to transpose ourselves in order to open to the universe for its guidance in all circumstances.

We conducted various training workshops which lead to the treasury of spiritual health care centers throughout the world, trained multiple cases teaching “meditation, spiritual counseling, spiritual guidance and spiritual tablets”.


Dr. Gopala Krishna is a Medical Doctor from India who has 10 years of clinical experience and worked as DMO in Neuro Surgery, Pediatric and General Medicine department. He also has private practice in rural areas and worked as Medical Officer for Jarawa tribes in Andaman Islands.

“Dr.Gopala Krishna” is also a spiritual scientist. He is an enlightened yogi, mystic and visionary who have dedicated himself to the elevation of the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of people. He has shown a path for the people to attain natural joy and to live life with experience from their own inner nature through Pyramid power and Spiritual Tablets. His scientific approach towards spirituality and work towards the uplift of the humanity have received Read More

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